Air It Out

Air It Out: Makur, Mikey, and Moore

“Air It Out” Episode Three is on deck.

This week on “Air It Out” the ladies talk with former gymnast Robyn Magee. Magee is the HBCU Representative for the Collegiate Gymnastics Growth Initiative (CGGI). She’s made it her goal to present the idea of getting Gymnastics programs in the HBCU community.


Gymnastics could sever as a platform to increase the amount of black and brown gymnast that attend HBCUs. Just picture it, the Marching 100 or even the Mighty-Marching Panthers providing background music for a floor routine; do you know how lit that would be?!

Air It Out: Robyn Magee

“HBCUs need to be pulled up from the dirt because that’s where they are right now.” Yes, you read that correctly. Dwayne “The Flash” Wade said this and the ladies of “Air It Out” express their reactions. Corey Staples and Domonique Whitehurst go a step further and expound on the many reactions since Makur Maker’s commitment to Howard University. Did we mention that Mikey Williams dropped his Top Ten list? The ladies breakdown his very interesting choices and even shout out the five HBCUs that “made the cut.”

If you did not know it has been more than 60 days and the case of Breaonna Taylor is still unsolved. Texans wide receiver Kenny Stills is one of the multiple athletes who are using their platform and public image to seek justice for this beautiful soul. Domonique and Corey stress the importance of these celebrity athletes setting their talents aside to fight for the unheard.

We discuss this and much more and there’s even a big announcement at the end…


Air It Out: Makur, Mikey, and Moore
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