Virginia State band reinstated as social organization gets multi-year ban

An investigation has cleared VSU’s band as a whole, but a social organization involving band members gets long-term ban.

Virginia State University homecoming attendees can breathe a sigh of relief: The Trojan Explosion will be in the stands.

The school announced on Wednesday that the band has been re-instated following an investigation into allegations of hazing, which we reported earlier this month. Here is VSU’s official statement:


The Virginia State University (VSU) Anti-Hazing policy strictly prohibits physical and emotional abuse. Allegations of hazing led VSU Police to conduct an investigation. VSU Police determined that Drum Phi, which is a campus-based social organization comprised of a few members of the Trojan Explosion Marching Band, conducted activities in violation of the University’s Anti-Hazing policy.

As a result, the Office of Student Conduct has placed Drum Phi on suspension for a minimum of three years. Also, members of Drum Phi, who engaged in these activities, have been disciplined under the VSU Student Code of Conduct.

Therefore, based on the findings of the VSU Police investigation, the VSU Administration has reinstated performances for the Trojan Explosion Marching Band. Administration will continue to monitor all student organizations and social groups for adherence to the University’s Anti-Hazing policy. Any organization, including students, advisors, and employees who violate University policy, will be held accountable


Virginia State band reinstated as social organization gets multi-year ban
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