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You can’t ask for a better HBCU representative than Miss Lincoln University

The CIAA Tournament is many things to many people. To the average person, it’s a rash of parties with basketball games somewhere in between. For others, it’s a basketball tournament that has gotten overrun by said parties. But what often goes overlooked about CIAA is the conference’s focus on education.

In the midst of all the basketball and before many of the parties tipped off, the conference held it’s Education Day on Wednesday. Kings and queens at the CIAA’s member institutions represented their schools to middle-schoolers, giving them first-hand interaction with a real-life representative of those colleges and universities.

Lincoln’s Janaya Joyner went the extra mile during her presentation for one young man who was hard of hearing. Fluent in American sign language, Joyner used her skill to communicate with the young man in a room full of his vibrant peers.

It was a great moment, and we salute you, Ms. Joyner. You represented Lincoln, the CIAA, and HBCUs very well.

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