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MEAC Blogger Picks: Week Four

Henry Funny

Ok…the bodybags have been filled and for the most part, the checks have been cut. It’s time to see who has enough left in the tank mentally to punch a ticket to ATL.

My Week Four MEAC Picks:

SC State at FAMU:

One thing about SCSU: Coach Buddy Pough will always have a stout defense on his side. No matter how dry his offense is. And after watching FAMU lose after getting turnover after turnover in their favor against Tuskegee, lets me know the Rattlers are still quite the work in progress.

My Pick: SC State

Bethune-Cookman at Savannah St:

BCU was toe-for-toe with Tennessee State but couldn’t pull out the win last weekend in Daytona Beach. Not sure what this is going to look like with four straight games against seemingly tough competition after this weekend. NCCU, SCSU, NCAT and NSU are waiting Wildcats. But for now, enjoy this win in lovely Savannah.

My Pick: BCU

NCCU at Norfolk St:

Against superior competition in Richmond and William & Mary, NSU hasn’t really shown much life. Both teams lone win come against pedestrian D2 competition, so not much to judge there. Now it would seem that containing NSU quarterback Greg Hankerson is going to be the defensive game plan for NCCU Saturday. He is a mean dual-threat that is currently leading the team in rushing. Hopefully gas doesn’t prevent a good crowd to see the Eagles win.

My Pick: NCCU

Howard at Morgan State:

No classic this year. No Meadowlands, no Chicago. Just DMV vs Baltimore action. Morgan State is giving heavy promotion for this night game affair and they are gonna deliver! Bears win big.

My Pick:  Morgan St

Delaware St at Missouri

Think the shortened quarters at Clemson were going to be a conversation? This one might involve shortened quarters AND a running clock. This is not going to be good and the media will yet again have a field day with this…again.

My Pick: Mizzou

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