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CIAA disagrees with bathroom law, but staying in Charlotte

The NBA All-Star Game may not be coming to Charlotte, but the CIAA Tournament isn’t going anywhere.

The conference condemned HB2, the controversial anti-LGBT law banning individuals from entering bathrooms designated for a gender opposite the one on their birth certificate, but stated it would was not in the best interest of the conference. The NBA is expected to

“The CIAA strongly disagrees with House Bill 2 and does not support any form of discrimination,” the CIAA said in its statement. “We are committed to our Charlotte community and have no intentions to relocate our headquarters or the upcoming Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournament. 

The CIAA is set to stay in Charlotte through its 2020 tournament after signing a six-year extension in 2014. 

“As we assess current and future championship locations, the CIAA will ensure that the host city and venue demonstrate a commitment to provide inclusive and non-discriminatory practices. In addition, the Conference will continue to collaborate with organizations and its member institutions to educate, implement, and tell a story that will leave a lasting impact and establish change in our communities.”

Two-thirds of the Division II conference’s 12 teams reside in North Carolina.

“The CIAA’s decision to continue to host championships in North Carolina, where 8 of our 12 member institutions reside, and hold its headquarters in Charlotte is a decision made for the best interest of the Conference. We have a shared responsibility to work together as members of this community for the safety and well-being of our student-athletes, fans, and alumni.”

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