Hampton guard Reginald Johnson Jr.: UVa. is the "most beatable number one" in the NCAA Tourney

History says Hampton won’t beat Virginia when the two teams matchup. As everyone knows, no. 16 seed has ever beat a no. 1.

Hampton ain’t trying to hear that.

The Pirates are confident heading into their matchup with the Cavaliers in Raleigh on Thursday.

“Honestly out of all the number one seeds, I feel like they’re the mot beatable number one seed,” Hampton guard Reginald Johnson said via WRIC. “They’re not overly athletic. You can play the game with them, so I feel good about it.”

Fellow senior Brian Darden wasn’t as bold with his proclamation, but he was confident as well.
“We’re definitely looking for, you know, revenge,” Darden said. “And we’re definitely looking for that upset.”
Some people may look at Johnson’s proclamation as brash, and maybe they are right. But after winning back-to-back conference championships, Hampton is a team that should be confident. And after facing Kentucky last season, UVa. doesn’t look quite so bad. 
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