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NCAA to institute assistance program to limit sanctions at HBCUs

North Carolina A&T is one of several HBCU programs that have been hit with APR sanctions by the NCAA in the past. 

Every year the NCAA announces sanctions on Division I programs for low Academic Performance Rate (APR). And every year, HBCUs, despite making up a small portion of Division I programs, are heavily penalized.

To its credit, the NCAA has noticed that trend and decided to take action. The Committee on Academics approved a plan to help HBCUs and limited-resource schools avoid being penalized as frequently as harshly as they have in the past.

The NCAA will increase the level of review of APR improvement plans of schools who use filters to avoid sanctions based on various factors, as well as requiring chancellors/presidents to show that the plans are being implemented and comprehensive educational program approach.

“We agreed that all Division I schools must be committed to the foundational principle of the Academic Performance Program and the academic success of students,” Burke said. “At the same time, these schools serve a very important role and serve an under-represented population in many cases. We tried to balance both of those considerations with our recommendations to the Committee on Academics.”

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