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Wizards John Wall checks out Nation’s Classic

(Selena Alexander)

The NBA season is still more than six weeks away, so superstars have a little time to enjoy themselves before engaging in the grind. Such was the case with John Wall in Washington D.C. on Friday. The All-Star guard wanted to enjoy himself, so he wondered aloud (via Twitter) whether he should check out the Nation’s Classic between Howard and Hampton.

// Wall ended up coming over to RFK, watching from the sidelines as Hampton came away with a 37-19 win over its D.C. based rival.

// It may seem odd that Wall, who went to Kentucky, would have an interest in attending an HBCU football game. But he is a native of Raleigh, NC which is home to two HBCUs–Shaw and St. Augustine’s–and close to a third when you add in North Carolina Central, so he’s likely familiar with a few of them.

Whatever the case, it was pretty cool for HBCU football and the NBA to collide for a few hours.

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