Happy Birthday To Ya: FAMU Alum Kinsey Donates $5 Million

Florida A&M’s Marching 100 has gone around the world representing the university for decades. Now one of its own is giving back to FAMU in a big way. The philanthropist and entrepreneur has reportedly given $5 million dollars to his alma mater.

FAMU tweeted that an alum had donated $5 million on Friday morning, but it has yet to confirm that Kinsey was that alum. Kinsey is a noted art, book and manuscript curator. He and his wife have co-founded the Kinsey Collection, which includes rare books, manuscripts and other pieces of art. He’s was in Tallahassee as part of the School’s Founder’s Day.

No word on how much, if any, of that money will go to athletics. Even if none of it goes to FAMU’s athletic program at all, it’s great to see a successful alum giving back in a big way.


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