Surprise, Surprise: BCU Picked To Win MEAC

Quentin Williams and Bethune-Cookman are predicted to win the MEAC football title. (TBO photo)

Over the past half decade, no HBCU football program has consistently been as good as Bethune-Cookman. The team has won at least a piece of the MEAC title three times and is the favorite to win it again as it was predicted to finish first in the conference at the annual media luncheon in Norfolk on Friday.

BCU went 10-3 in 2013, appearing in the playoffs for the third time in four seasons. They split last year’s title with South Carolina State, who is projected as the league’s second strongest team.

Here’s the predicted order of finish:

1. Bethune-Cookman: Lost key players like Nick Addison and Isidore Jackson, but still stocked with talent.
2. South Carolina State: Quarterback Richard Cue and receiver Tyler McDonald are gone, but the defense is still loaded.
3. NC A&T: The passing game will have to improve to take pressure off the running game and defense.
4. Howard: Coach Flea is back and McGhee is the best QB in the league.
5. Delaware State: Could be a make-or-break year for Kermit Blount and Co.
6. Norfolk State: With all the defensive talent the team already possesses, even a serviceable offense makes them a MEAC threat.
7. Hampton: Hampton has a talented young team and a coach that knows how to win. Doubt they finish this low.
8. NCCU: The program is still trying to recover from the Henry Frazier fiasco last season. First-year coach Jerry Mack has his work cut out for him.
9. Morgan State: It’s a new day in Baltimore. QB Seth Higgins will be key for the offense in 2014.
10. FAMU: How the mighty have fallen.
11. Savannah State: Only one place to go, and that’s up. It could happen…

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