Watch: Talladega’s "Snap" Peters’ Ridiculous In-Game, Between The Legs Dunk

Last season, Winston-Salem State’s Justin Glover got national attention for his in-game, between-the-legs dunk. Now another HBCU hooper has come up with a dunk that’s just as good, if not better. Talladega College’s Brandon “Snap” Peters threw down this ridiculous dunk in a 140-104 win over Fisk earlier this week. (FYI: Talladega plays in the NAIA).

// Though this is the first many of you have ever heard of Peters, he makes spectacular dunks on the regular. The 6’2, 180 pound junior from Houston, Texas was thought to be one of the best dunkers in the class of 2010. Judging by these highlights, we’d say that was a pretty good inclination.

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