Hairston To HBCU: A Lofty Dream

This photo-shopped pic of P.J. Hairston in a WSSU uniform is a lofty dream for many HBCU fans. (Brian McLaughlin photo)

North Carolina fans may have cringed when they found out P.J. Hairston won’t return to the basketball team, but it gave others hope. Or at least, opportunity for wishful thinking. Not long after the announcement that UNC would not attempt to reinstate him was made, we half-jokingly wondered if Hairston would end up at an HBCU.

A few hours later, B’Daht of 102 Jamz posted this photo of Greensboro native in a Winston-Salem State uniform. He also laid out a case for why playing at WSSU would be beneficial to Hairston.

While its highly unlikely that Hairston would continue his career at an HBCU, it’s a fun thing to think about. HBCUs have always been a safe haven for those needing a second, and sometimes third, chance. Moving to an HBCU worked out pretty good for Aaric Murray, who got plenty of recognition for his 48 point outburst at Temple earlier this week.


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