Saban’s Salary Dwarfs Many HBCU Athletic Budgets

Alabama coach Nick Saban will make almost double Mississippi Valley State’s 2013-14 projected budget. 

The word out of Tuscaloosa is that not only is Nick Saban staying at Alabama–he’s getting a big raise. Reports place Saban’s new deal as worth anywhere from $7 to $7.5 million per year. Saban’s old deal, $5.4 per year, was pretty sweet. But his new contract further illustrates the difference between the haves and have-nots in Division I College athletics.

Saban’s new salary means he will make more than many D1 schools spend on athletics as a whole. Not just on football, but on athletics as a whole. In fact, Saban’s new salary means he will make more than the projected 2013-14 budgets of half the SWAC’s programs. 

According to a USA Database, Saban’s new salary will pay him more than 12 schools spent on athletics in 2012. Nine of those programs were HBCUs. Check out the list below.

1. Coppin State– $3.5 million
2. Mississippi Valley State– $4.6 million
3. Alcorn State– $5.6 million
4. Maryland-Eastern Shore– $5.7 million
5. Jackson State– $5.9 million
6. Savannah State– $6 million
7. Southern– $ 6.6 million
8. Alabama A&M– $6.6 million
9. Grambling State– $6.9 million

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