What Grambling’s Strike Accomplished

Grambling State football players returned to practice on Monday. (Go NOLA photo)

1) George Ragsdale is no longer interim coach

This one happened pretty quickly. On Thursday, shortly before players skipped the second day of practice, Ragsdale was removed from his position as Doug Williams’ temporary replacement. The players relationship with Ragsdale quickly turned sour after just five weeks with him at the helm.

2) The university is finally making improvements 

Hours after players released pictures of broken flooring, missing ceiling tiles and horrifying-looking weight benches, Dr. Frank Pogue said improvements were coming. According to administrators, over $30,000 worth of improvements are coming immediately. Those improvements including the floor that Doug Williams helped raise money for, the one that was locked up due to a dispute over how the funds were raised. Dr. Pogue said the floor hadn’t been used because they weren’t obtained through the proper channels. What a difference a few hours makes.

3) The players got the attention of the administration, and the nation 

More important than Ragsdale’s removal, and even more important than the improvements, Grambling State’s student-athletes showed that all concerning awareness in today’s youth.

In a day where many misconceptions and over-assumptions still plague young black men, this group of young adults banded together and spoke up for not only what they felt they deserved, but what future G-Men deserve. Several players stated that they felt they had to do this so that the players who came after them wouldn’t have to go through the same thing. Whether your agree with it or not, the fact that they felt that way and took action is a beautiful thing.

Obviously, these young men felt that unless they took drastic measures, their concerns would not be taken care of. Had they not taken this stand, it’s very likely that they would still be watching their steps in the weight room while the floor that Williams helped obtain was still under lock-and-key.


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