Pogue Disputes Player Allegations With Roland Martin


Grambling State president Dr. Frank Pogue refuted many of the claims of the school’s football team on Monday while simultaneously saying that their concerns are being taken care of. Pogue also told Roland Martin that he expects the team to practice and play this week.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js “We have received the concerns raised by football players,” Pogue said. “We have addressed most of the concerns already.”

Pogue dismissed mold and mildew allegations from players, respite photo evidence to the contrary. He referred to a recent health inspection in which mold and mildew were not documented.

Martin asked Pogue whether or not a new floor purchased by money raised from ex-coach Doug Williams was being placed in storage instead of being used to replace one with broken tiles. Pouge said that the issue was not with who raised the money but how it was raised.

“We had donations made by external groups,” Pogue said. “But you don’t make donations to the university and just move ahead without following state procedures.”

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