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Frazier’s Future: Where Does He Go From Here?

Former NCCU football coach Henry Frazier has a few career options at this point. (News & Observer photo)

So now that Henry Frazier has had his criminal charges dismissed, what does the future hold for him? Lets look at his options:

1. Return to NC Central

This seems highly unlikely. In the hours following his arrest, some close to the program felt that once the facts came out about the incident, things would be fine. Well, we all know how that worked out. Seventy two hours later, Frazier was fired by NCCU officials.

In the weeks that have followed, things have gotten ugly between Frazier and NCCU. Frazier appealed his removal, which was eventually revoked by NCCU Chancellor Debra Saunders-White last week. North Carolina Central seems to have moved on, and it looks like Frazier will have to do so as well.

Just don’t see how this, pardon the expression, “relationship” can be repaired. The university made it pretty clear with its quick response that love don’t live there anymore.

2. Become an assistant coach

Despite Frazier’s talent, he will arrive at his next job with baggage from his time in Durham. Over the past 18 months, his personal issues have overshadowed the good job he did at NCCU. Hard to promise a recruit’s parents you’ll help them stay out of trouble when trouble seems to find you. The head coach is the face of your football program, so keeping your nose clean is imperative.

Perhaps a year or two on the sidelines as an offensive coordinator would give him some time to regroup himself and prepare for his next job.

2. Pursue a head coaching position elsewhere

This is the most likely outcome for Frazier. Several coaches are currently thought to be on the hot seat in the MEAC and SWAC. Despite his recent baggage, Frazier has proven that given time he can make an impact on a program. He did it at Bowie State, he did it at Prairie View and he was on his way to doing it at North Carolina Central.

The two most likely destinations for Frazier: Grambling and Morgan State. Why those two places?

Morgan State’s Donald Hill-Eley was reportedly close to being fired last year. The team is off to an 0-4 start, and short of winning a MEAC championship, it doesn’t look good for him in Baltimore. Frazier would be a good fit for two reasons: He has MEAC experience, and he’s very familiar with the Maryland area after having played and coached at Bowie State and coached at a local high school back in the 90s.

Frazier and Grambling may be the perfect fit for each other. Two damaged brands who might find their stock isn’t as high as they once thought. Frazier helped turn Prairie View from a national punchline to a SWAC contender, so it’s very likely he could do the same thing in Louisiana.

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