St. Aug Shuts Down Mens Golf And Women’s Tennis

Once again, economic issues are impacting athletic programs at historically black colleges and universities. Saint Augustine’s University has discontinued men’s golf and women’s tennis, the University’s department of athletics announced on Tuesday, June 25, 2013.

“Both women’s tennis and men’s golf are great sports but we had to make a tough decision,” Athletic Director and legendary Track & Field Coach George Williams said. “We are no different than any other institution facing difficult choices due to the economic downturn. We are looking for both sports to return in the near future, however.”

Because of the academic and athletic impact involved with the change, Saint Augustine’s University is committed to assisting all student-athletes whose programs are being eliminated. The University will assist any student-athlete who decides to stay and complete his or her academic degree by offering financial assistance for which they qualify for the 2013-14 academic year.

“I assure you that the student-athletes affected are our first concern,” Williams added. “The department of athletics is working closely with the University and the CIAA to ensure that the student-athletes are the top priority.” 

Both women’s tennis and men’s golf will be offered on the intramural level.

This news comes just days after crosstown rival Shaw announced it would be disbanding its baseball team. Given the rising cost of athletics and the inability of many institutions to raise the necessary funds, don’t expect for this to be an isolated happening.

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