When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: SWAC Edition

Conference tournaments are often packed with tension. Teams are familiar with each other, rivalries develop, and an automatic NCAA Tournament bid is in the ballance. So you expect there to be some high emotions, and maybe a skirmish or two. But apparently things got a little out of hand Thursday at the SWAC Tournament in Dallasa. TSPN Sports reports a fight broke out in the stands. The fight is alleged to have involved members of the Jackson State women’s basketball team and Prairie View A&M fans.

According to the report, only one person was arrested.

Basketball is an emotional game, and things get heated sometimes. Still, what happens in a game should stay in a game. Easier said than done, but presumably these were all adults. They should know better.

Hopefully, this doesn’t take away from the student-athletes that are representing themselves, their families and their universities the RIGHT way!

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