Winston-Salem State To Pursue Stadium Deal

Winston-Salem State is interested in buying Bowman Gray Stadium.

Winston-Salem State has had a lot of wins in Bowman Gray Stadium over the years, but it may be a step closer to winning the stadium. The Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that WSSU is likely to pursue a purchase of the venerable stadium from the City of Winston-Salem.

The university tried to purchase the 18,000-seat stadium last year, but state legislature blocked their attempt. However, the key opponents of the bid, including the bill’s sponsor, are no longer in the picture. Neither is racing mogul Richard Childress, who also expressed intrest in buying the stadium where he used to sell peanuts and later raced.

“I feel very comfortable in the direction that Winston-Salem State is moving and feel it is only right that the university have Bowman Gray Stadium as their own and continue the racing tradition as we know it,” Childress said in a Dec. 18 letter to Mayor Allen Joines.

It’s estimated WSSU will need to borrow just under 10 million dollars to complete the deal. According to WSSU spokesperson Aaron Singleton, the university also plans to raise student athletic fees $110 per year to help pay for the purchase. 

Owning your own stadium is always preferable to renting it, so kudos for making the effort. Owning the stadium will allow the university to make money off the ticket gates. One thing is for sure, as long as Donald Reeaves is in charge at WSSU, it will make sound financial decisions. 

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