CIAA Coaching News: Virginia State Gives Scott Second Chance

Former Richmond head coach Latrell Scott will assume that role at Virginia State this fall. 

A year and a half after a DWI cost him his first head coaching job, Latrell Scott has been given a second chance. Scott was announced as Virginia State’s new head coach in a press conference Monday morning.

In 2009, Scott was named head coach at the University of Richmond. At 34, the Hampton alum was the youngest head coach in NCAA Division I football. Scott went 6-5 in the 2010 season. The week prior to his second season at Richmond, Scott resigned after being charged with driving while intoxicated. After sitting out that season, Scott was hired as tight end coach at James Madison, where he served for the 2012 season.

Ballin’ On A Budget

Fayetteville State athletic director Edward McClean told the Fayetteville Observer’s Sammy Batten that a willingness to live in or near Fayetteville will be considered when choosing a head coach.

Former head coach Kenny Phillips commuted from his home in Clayton to Fayetteville, about an hour away. Apparently, some want a more locally-visible head coach.

“We’ve got to see them in the barber shop,” McLean said. “We have to see them in the grocery store. I think that’s important because when we go to Jack Britt (High School) or Seventy-First, people should know, ‘That’s the Fayetteville State coach. I see him all the time

McClean also appears to be leaning towards a coach without head coaching experience as he admits that money is an issue.

“As I looked at the applicants, we didn’t have a lot of strong head coaches I would have been interested in,” he said. “We don’t have big money to throw out. So I think the majority of the people we are looking for are probably coordinators, at this point.”

Abanishe Won’t Return, But Will Recruit

As we reported previously, Lincoln football coach O.J. Abanishe will not be returning next season.  The school announced its decision on Jan. 9.

“We’re looking for a new head coach and hopefully we’ll be able to identify someone by the end of March,” said LU Athletic Director Dianthia Ford-Kee.

In an unusual move, however, Abanishe and three of his assistants will stay on to recruit for the Lions until the end of February. The NCAA’s Signing Day is Feb. 6. 

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